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Wuxi Chuxin Xind Electro [email protected] Equipment Co.,Ltd.specializes in producing various types of plating equipment (rack plating lines, plating lines, circular lines), various types of surface preparation equipment and phosphate oxidation equipment, various types of coating equipment (electrophoresis coating equipment, spray painting and powder coating equipment, curing curing equipment), and various types of electroplating wastewater and waste gas treatment equipment painting. The company was founded in 1982 and in 1997 the collective nature of the original plant restructuring and new environmental re-established. The company has created, always focusing on the surface area of the R & D and technological innovation and made a number of important and practical equipment, patents, and with foreign technology suppliers and Design Institute of exchanges and cooperation in different sectors at home and abroad successfully customer planning and design, manufacturing, installation and testing various types of plating, surface treatment equipment, coating equipment, waste gas treatment equipment. "Treat people with sincerity of faith, innovation, pioneering professional" Xingda spirit to ensure our company can provide customers with the best equipment and best service.
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